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This site has information about the seas during the Roman Empire. Most history websites on Ancient Rome cover more general areas or focus on the military aspect but this site is devoted solely to the seas. Most of the information in this site has been picked up from various books over the years, but also from the many historical experts who I have been fortunate enough to meet during my career in the merchant navy.

I was taught to sail by my father on the Dorset coast. He served in the navy during World War II and was the commander of a landing craft on D-Day. He retained his love of the sea and instilled it in me also. I was always interested in history at school, but I wasn’t the best student and after I left at sixteen I decided to join the merchant navy. I was fortunate to be able to travel the whole world during my career. I ended up as a captain on Cruise liners. First in the Caribbean then, later in the Mediterranean. It was while I was taking cruises around the Mediterranean that my interest in ancient history really took off. Unimaginatively—or so my wife tells me—it was the Roman seas that most interested me and for the last ten years or so I have been collecting information from books and lectures. The cruise company I was lucky enough to work for would invite some really interesting historians to come and speak to the guests and as captain I was able to grill them over lavish dinners. I took retirement five years ago and moved to Dorset. It was my wife who suggested I put some of the research I’d collected online and given that I am now what you call a fair-weather sailor I have to find something to do with the winter months.

Occasionally—when my wife lets me—I will join cruise parties as a guide for a small group. I normally run only two a year one in May and another in July, if you are interested, either as a party or as an individual, do get in touch using the contact page.

Roman Mediterranean History Cruise:

Are you a boating enthusiast? Do you enjoy cruises? Are you fascinated by our ancient past? Maybe you should consider joining one of my bespoke guided tours of the Roman seas. Using over thirty years of experience in the merchant navy (including ten years as the captain of a Cunard cruise liner in the Mediterranean) as well as my own knowledge of Roman naval history, these tours are a fascinating way to discover the Mediterranean. There is more to see than can ever be fitted into even a long cruise, but with an idea of what you and your party would like to see I will build a bespoke tour and make all the sailing arrangements for you and your party aboard a luxury yacht. There is 3000 years of ancient history just waiting to be discovered as well as good food, good wine and good company! The Mediterranean is one of the best places to cruise in comfort because the many islands provide shelter leaving more time for you to relax and explore the past. If like me the thought of simply drifting from meal to meal fills you with dread why not take on this active and intellectually stimulating tour. For more details please send an email to howard.c.davis@theromanseas.co.uk . These days I only run two tours a year so there may well be a waiting list

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